Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce

Dues/Investment Categories

  • Beaver Island Home for Rent (rental property)    $300
  • Small BI Business, generally operated by owner or owners with some seasonal employees, usually a small business is seasonal    $250
  • Medium BI Business, Generally a medium sized business operates seasonally or the majority of the year and has regular employees other than the owner (s).    $450
  • Large BI Business, Generally a large business operates year around and has a number of full time employees, some with managerial responsibilities.    $750
  • Mainland Business    $230
  • Non-profit/Government    (minimum)    $150
  • Individual Supporting Member    (minimum)    $150
  • Second or more additional business listings (rental property excluded) (each)    $150

Our Mission

Chamber Mission Statement: To maximize the effective use of member’s dues to market the Beaver Island Archipelago as a tourist/vacation destination by using all manner of current electronic and print media. To support the economic development and improvements in the quality of members and community life consistent with conserving our Island natural beauty and resources.The Beaver Island Chamber has the sole discretion to accept or reject, without cause, membership applications and/or application renewals.”

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